ADDS Solutions

Recognizing the need for better design practices, Roussey has created an innovative software module that automates the design of residential utility distribution. In the competitive world of deregulation, ADDS (Automated Distribution Design System) gives you a definitive edge…

  • Reduce time in URD development design by up to 75%
  • Cut design and construction costs by up to 35%
  • Streamline the URD evaluation process
  • Create subdivisions that operate more efficiently & economically

You can use ADDS to design new layouts. Or simply, outsource the project in its entirety – a service we can provide for you. Whatever you decide, expert training is available and service or support is only a phone call away. ADDS software operates on the Bentley Map platform provided by Bentley Systems. Plus, ADDS works with Internet meeting software to allow us to collaborate with you in real-time over the Web.

With ADDS, we guarantee you measurable savings in cost and time. You will save up to $250 per meter in new housing subdivisions. PECO Energy, Detroit Edison and Salt River Project have all benefited from the ADDS advantage.

We have such confidence in our ADDS software that we’ll design your new subdivision’s electric requirements. And if you’re not satisfied, you owe us nothing.
“With ADDS we will be able to drive down the cost of producing a design, while also increasing our customers’ satisfaction. Of course, the real payoff comes from the application’s optimal utilization of equipment, resulting in both lower capital expense to install, as well as reducing our O & M costs downstream. We think it’s like TurboTax® for URD design.”
Joe WallaceDetroit Edison