Electric & Gas Design

  • New commercial and residential designs as well as infrastructure maintenance and upgrade projects
  • URD designs with ADDS, our state of the art optimization program
  • Samples of deliverables are available for you to view
  • Aerial and underground design for new or existing facilities
  • Permit submittal and resolution for state and local roadways as well as bridge and waterway crossings

Recent clients: Peco Energy, Exelon Infrastructure Services, Conectiv and Middletown Public Works


  • OSP route designs for aerial and underground infrastructures
  • New designs and permits for areas without pre-existing capacities
  • Flexible designs that can coordinate OSP with ISP
  • Samples of deliverables are available for you to view

Recent clients: MetroMedia Fiber Network Services (MFN), PECO-Hyperion, IXC, Commonwealth Telecommunication Services (CTSI), RCN, University of Pennsylvania, Nextlink, RTM and Verizon

Third Party Attachment

  • Design approval for third party attachments
  • Placement and position of attachments
  • Application for licensed occupancy of poles
  • Inspection and approval of third party attachments

Recent clients: Atlantic City Electric